MMMMM Mos Burger!!


Hello everyone,

Many people say the best thing about summer is the sunny skies or beach parties. For me, the best thing about summer in Japan is.....Mos Burger!
Not because they have the best burgers but because in the summer, they have a special burger made just for me. The 'Natsumi' burger! They are all good but the one I like the most is the Natsumi Fish. It has crispy lettuce, a slice of cheese and a hot, juicy, fish patty. In fact I'm going to Mos Burger right now!!

Natsumi Fish
See you there!




Summer Fireworks


One of my favorite things about spending the summer in Japan is going to see fireworks. In the U.S., a lot of towns hold fireworks shows for Independence Day (July 4). However, most of the shows are held on the same weekend, so we can only go to one. In Japan, there are fireworks in different places throughout the summer!

2012 Shinnan-yo Fireworks

Last year, I could watch the fireworks in Shinnan-yo from my apartment. This year, I really want to go to Shimonoseki to see the fireworks there; I've heard they're especially good!

2012 Shinnan-yo Fireworks

Have a good week!



SES TOEIC Practice Test

~TOEIC 体験テストのご案内~

I hope you are all staying dry during this rainy weather.

As some of you may have already heard, SES will be holding a special TOEIC Practice Test on Saturday, June 29th from 11:00 - 13:30 at the Sakuragi office.

Exam/Test Clipart

This is an excellent opportunity for you to practice not only your English ability, but also your test taking skills! There will be both a Listening and Reading section. At only ¥500 it's a real bargain!

There are only 10 spots open, so be sure to contact SES by fax (0834-29-5122), phone (0834-29-5121), or email (info@e-ses.jp) ASAP if you are interested.

Keep up the good work!



It's that time of year again. The days are becoming more and more hot and people are starting to head to the beach. I know that spring is usually the time when many Japanese enjoy barbecuing, but in The U.S., summer is barbecue season. I thought I would tell you about a typical American barbecue. In Japan when you are invited to a barbecue( bbq) it is polite to bring something to share. The same is true in The U.S. but usually American's bring side dishes like potato salad, chips, salad and of course beer. The meat or main dish is usually bought, cooked and served by the person who is holding the bbq.

I'm from Florida and the weather is usually around 38 degrees in the summer, so most of the time there is a place to swim. A person with a pool at their home will often have bbq's, or it will be held in a park with a lake to swim in, or the beach. Even a sprinkler or small water slide for children to run and play in is normal at an American bbq, because it is just so HOT!

I'm not a big fan of summer, but I do love bbq's. Until next time
~ Amber



Hi, everyone! Are you enjoying the rainy season?

It's pretty rainy today, but last weekend the weather was great, so I visited Akioshidai for the first time with my friends.

Famous white rocks (photo: coscom.co.jp)

I was really glad to finally see this famous place. The white rockson the green hills were really beautiful. 

I've also heard that Akioshidai is beautiful in the autumn, so I'd like to go back there then!


My Okayama Adventure!


Good Afternoon! I hope you're enjoying the rainy season!

Earlier this week, I spent two days traveling in Okayama Prefecture. I had never been there before, so I was very excited for my first visit!

Have you ever seen the Seto Inland Sea? The water is very clear, and it looks especially beautiful on a sunny day. Near the Seto Ohashi Bridge, there is a theme park called Washuzan Highland, where you can ride roller coasters, watch samba dancing, and even go bungee jumping! 

The "Chu-pi Coaster" overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.
Next time you visit Okayama, why not try bungee jumping, too? 

Kurashiki is another beautiful place in Okayama.

White-wall houses in the Bikan District.

Is this really the 21st Century?
The city is very old, and has many historical sights. The Bikan District and Ivy Square are popular tourist spots. You'll feel like you're walking through the past! 

Please take your next vacation is this beautiful city! 

Maybe you can see me there again someday!


Baseball! 今季初野球観戦☆

 Hello! SESブログ初投稿、防府教室のFumikoです。

Fumiko's Uniform collection

Yuki Yanagita #44, photo by Fumiko
Yuichi Honda #46 photo by Fumiko