Beaches Are Special Places!

~ ハワイの家族を想う(エイドリアン講師)~


I have a confession.  I miss Hawai'i.  Don't get me wrong, Japan rocks!  But... both my husband, and kitty-cat still live on the Island of Kaua'i in Hawai'i.

View from 'Anini Beach, North Shore, Kaua'i, HI (stock photo, thank you!)
A different SES teacher wrote a blog that claims beaches in Japan are just as nice as Hawaiian beaches, and maybe even better!

But honestly…  if you asked me which is better, I could not choose!  Every beach is special!  But, like the people you love, some beaches are close, some are far away.  

My husband is across the ocean, but at the beach our hearts are never far apart!

Sunset at Port of Hagi, 12 May 2013

Until next time, take care!


歴史ウォーク in Korea 釜山編

Hi. リーです。 











Sightseeing in Korea  


Hello Everyone!

It's a bit late, but here are some pictures from my Golden Week vacation. I went to Korea by ferry, and stayed in Seoul for three nights. 

Have you ever been to Korea? Would you like to go?

The Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. It was my favorite sightseeing spot!
Sightseeing in Suwon (More information about the fortress here.)
Seoul Tower! It was very beautiful!

I enjoyed sightseeing, shopping, and eating delicious Korean food! 
Do you like Korean food? Or is it too spicy?


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying the warm weather? I sure am! I'm also very excited because spring means the return of baseball season!

In the U.S., baseball has been a popular national pastime for over one hundred years. But not all Americans are interested in sports. Actually, I had never seen a live baseball game before coming to Japan.

Recently, however, baseball has become my favorite sport! I love NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball)! Last year, I watched two professional games at Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka. My favorite team? The Softbank Hawks, of course!

Softbank Hawks vs. Yokohama Baystars

Have you ever been to a baseball stadium? I was shocked to see so many fans in one place! During the game, there is a lot of energy from the audience; they sing songs, chant, and cheer loudly for their favorite players!

At halftime, all the Hawks fans release yellow and white balloons into the air. It's a real sight!

Are you a fan of Japanese or American baseball? Who is your favorite player? My favorite Hawks player is Matsuda! But I love Yu Darvish the best of all! ;)

Obsessed with the Shinkansen - Mel


Aside from sumo, the Shinsen is another reason I love living in Japan.

It is my most expensive hobby.

This is a picture of the Sakura, it is so pretty!

The Shinkansen is never late and feels like riding in an airplane.

I have taken many pictures to show my family back home, my father loves to watch the videos I have taken from inside the Shinkansen.

The Nozomi is the fastest but I think the Kodama is my favourite, it has a lot of legroom.

I would love to have a Shinkansen passport so that I can have a stamp for every one I have ridden on. Unfortunately, they don't make one.


Is this Japan or Hawaii!?


I have learned from my students that many Japanese people like to go to Hawaii for vacation, but I can't understand why. Japan is just as beautiful as Hawaii, and here is the proof.  This is a picture of a beach on the island of Suooshima just 30 minutes north of Shunan. It's nice don't you think!?


Outdoor Cooking in Fukuoka!                         


Welcome back from Golden Week, everyone! Did you have a fun adventure?

I spent my vacation traveling around Kyushu with my best friend from America. We visited hot springs in Kumamoto, saw a volcanic eruption at Sakurajima in Kagoshima, and went camping with Girls Scouts in Fukuoka.

With the Girls Scouts, we learned many interesting things about camping and hiking outdoors. For example, we learned how to cook rice using a milk carton and two aluminum cans. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? I can explain.

First, cut four holes in an old aluminum can, two on top and two on the bottom. Next, fill a second can with rice and water, and cover the top with foil.

Third, cut a milk carton into small pieces and make a fire in the empty can. Be sure to put new pieces into the can before the fire goes out!

After about 30 minutes, the rice will be fully cooked! It's really delicious with curry! If you try this at home, be safe and good luck! 

Thanks for reading! 

Dontaku FUN!                                



Here's hoping that everyone had a great Golden Week.

I did.

I went to Hakata to see the festival there.


There were so many people and some beautiful floats wih perfomers dancing down the street. I joined in a little on the sidewalk until people started looking at me as though I were crazy!

Some people were even doing back flips, I didn't try that!


After the festival I ate delicious food and did too much shopping.  I had so much fun.

Three months until Obon!


Sightseeing in Yanai                            


Hello, everyone! Welcome back. Did you have a good Golden Week holiday?

I had a really good time because my mother came to Japan from America! We went to Yanai to see the historic buildings and the goldfish lanterns.

 We even got to make our own goldfish lanterns!

It was a lot of fun! What did you do during Golden Week?